AdWord Extensions, a Big Help to Your PPC Campaigns

Many clients have asked about AdWord extensions and how they can help their PPC campaigns.  After answering several questions I started to write down may answers, here they are:

AdWord extensions are powerful additions that can be attached to a standard pay per click advertisement with Google. These additions allow you to include extra lines in the ad which may include contact information, links to more pages on your site, or images of products. The purpose of AdWord extensions is to provide potential customers with more information about your company, brand, or products. The ads will still be displayed with the standard format throughout the Google Network, but when displayed on, or other properties owned by the company such as Google Maps, the ads will be enhanced with these features.

The choice of which AdWord extensions to use will depend upon your goals as a business. If you are a locally operated company, than it could be helpful to include local contact information in an ad. For example, if a potential customer was searching for one of the products that you sell, and realized that you were selling that product in their area, they may be more likely to either click on the ad or contact your company directly.

There are no additional costs to attach AdWord extensions to your ads. The costs and pricing are the same, based on the same bidding process as normal AdWords. For extensions that work with Google Maps, for example, a click that expands business information will not result in a charge, while a click that takes them to your website will. In addition, clicks that result in an automatic dialing of your company phone number will also be charged the same amount.

In order to set up AdWord extensions, you can do so while you are setting up an ad campaign. During the process, an Ad extensions section will guide you through the process of adding the necessary information to your advertisement in order to expand it with the relevant information. If the ad campaign has already been set up and you would like to add or edit an extension, you can do so by selecting the campaign and then going to the Ad extensions tab. A New Extension button is available there to guide you through the process of adding an extension. Extensions can be deleted by selecting them and clicking the delete button. Extensions can be edited by letting the mouse icon sit on top of the extension. This will cause a pencil icon to appear, which when clicked on will guide you through the editing process.

If you do not have an Ad extensions tab, you can enable it by clicking on an arrow next to the existing tabs and selecting it as an option. It will then be displayed above your “All Online Campaigns,” screen, your campaign details screen, and you ad group details screen.

In the next few weeks we will take a closer look at every extension and how they can work for you.

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