Pay per click marketing, also known as Paid search or PPC for short, is a type of online advertising when you only pay when someone clicks a link to your site and visits it. This method is one of the most effective and efficient ways to advertise online, and you can see promising results with our PPC system. We can monitor your progress and take care of the process for you, allowing you to rest easy while we put our effective skills to work.

Some reasons to consider pay per click marketing for your web presence include:

  • Immediate results. PPC advertising is an fast and effective outreach to potential customer.
  • Flexible ad spending. You only pay for the traffic you get, and can limit it to certain keywords, a geographic location or certain time of day.
  • Qualified Traffic. The clicks you get will be much more relevant, increasing your chances for a sale or prospective buyer to further look into the products and services you offer.
  • Conversion-based optimization: Use keyword searches, display ads and contextual re-marketing to optimize your web presence.
  • Ad Copy. Implementing a carefully planned ad created by an experienced copywriter will encourage your PPC ads efforts to only bring in people who are potential customers.

The results you’ll see

The strategies we have for pay-per-click advertising are tailed to our clients so they see a boost in relevant traffic, higher conversions and conversion rates.

Increase your presence

Our PPC program is affordable and will get your name and brand out there for consumers to see. Your ads will appear on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask, as well as other local directories and popular specialty sites. About 98 percent of our consumers look at these places online.

Increase your leads

We can help you capture more leads as thousands of consumers search for products and services like those you offer. We can place your ad on our large network of search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo! to name a few, to make sure your site appears no matter where they’re searching.

Monitor real conversions

We can monitor all conversions from your online marketing efforts, like phone calls, web forms, transactions and more, and give you a detailed report available 24/7 so you can see the value of your money spent on PPC advertising. You’ll be able to test different marketing plans to see which is most effective and find the one that’s right for you and your business with our help.

Optimize your efforts

We’ll constantly find ways to optimize your campaign based on the conversions you’re receiving, not just clicks. As we think of ways to make your site more innovative, we’ll allocate your budget to the methods that are working best for you, whether it’s changing the keywords, the body copy or the display ads you use to those that are seeing the most success.

Landing page creation

PPC will send qualified visitors, but when they get there, what do they see?  Is it the same homepage that all visitors see?  With a landing page visitors will see content that created for the specific topic they are searching for.

Organize your campaign

We take the time to get to know each our clients’ businesses and goals to deliver a sophisticated service and PPC plan that will help optimize their site. We want to customize each client’s pay per click management experience to ensure they’re getting the most out of this innovative method of online marketing.

Why you can rely on Bay Area Web Solutions for substantial results

Bay Area Web Solutions shows our customers the attention they deserve by creating a one-on-one atmosphere while patiently walking you through the desired results you would like to see; stage by stage.

We develop professional landing pages that incite an exciting buying environment for the qualified leads that will arrive. We also expertly craft your PPC ads and website copy with SEO friendly content that will be pleasing to search engines and help you rise even closer to the top for your specific keywords.

Bay Area Web Solutions maintains all the tools your business needs to thrive in the digital world. Get in touch with us now and learn more first-hand what your sales could look like sooner than you think!