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Completed Website: Da Lusso Design

Da Lusso Design is a home staging and interior design company in Mountain View, California. The company’s home staging service provides home furnishing and decoration to homeowners who wish to stage their house before putting it on the market for sale. Da Lusso’s home staging helps capture the character of a property and make it more attractive to targeted potential buyers. Additionally, the company’s interior design service aims at tailoring designs to the personality and preferences of occupying homeowners to enhance their home living experience.

Website Released: Career Help

Career Help is an article based website. Its mission is to be a “global online information resource for people seeking guidance to improve their careers and their jobs.” Each of us knows someone facing tough challenges in trying economic times. From career advice for specific industries to topic suggestion, Career Help wants to be a primary resource for people who are serious about their work and careers.

Lessons Learned at PubCon 2010

Know why you are there: You are there to learn, right? Or is it to network? Or is it to get work done? Or is it to party? Either way you go; be honest with yourself and you will complete your goals. This way you are not wasting time at a networking social or a seminar that you really don’t want to be at. Is Now Bay Area Web Solutions

Looking eagerly toward the future, I am happy to announce that Disciple is now Bay Area Web Solutions. In addition to the new name, we will be expanding to offer a variety of new options. Over the course of the past 6 years, my skill set has evolved from simple web design to full service web maintenance and internet consulting. Bay Area Web Solution will be expanding to offer design, eCommerce, search engine marketing (PPC/SEO), hosting, print and presentation design, such as PowerPoint, and general internet consulting.

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