Basic WordPress Maintenance & Security: Do the small things or face a large headache

While most of these users know what to do in order to keep their installation updated and secure, the more WordPress sites I work with, I see out of date core and plugins, just waiting to get hacked. The sheer popularity of this software, combined with the massive amount of information that it can control and process, absolutely requires attentive care and maintenance to ensure that a malicious community of hackers and malware programs can’t gain access to the WordPress Dashboard and wreak havoc on a website’s operation and information.

SEO Warning – Have Too Many Ads? Get Downgraded by Google

Webmasters rely on advertising to bring in income and pay the bills. This is a known fact of life in the online world and it is generally accepted among website visitors as well (most website if visit on a daily basis are ad supported). While advertising is common, Google has recently made changes to its algorithm that could negatively impact website rankings with too much advertising on their sites.

Lessons Learned at PubCon 2010

Know why you are there: You are there to learn, right? Or is it to network? Or is it to get work done? Or is it to party? Either way you go; be honest with yourself and you will complete your goals. This way you are not wasting time at a networking social or a seminar that you really don’t want to be at.

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