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Accrediting Commission for Schools

Accrediting Commission for Schools – Western Association for Schools and Colleges (ACSWASC) is an accrediting body serving in the US as well as in educational institutions around the world. The goal of their accreditation is to give promote an environment of accountability for schools, so student performance could be monitored and improved over time.

As an accrediting body ACSWASC conducts auditing surveys after every few years to ensure the performance of schools is exactly as they state on the paper. The process comprises of various stages and steps in which documents are checked and evidence is collected to ensure schools are on the path of improvement.

The main office of ACSWASC is located at 533 Airport Boulevard, Suite 200, Burlingame, CA. Anyone interested in having their institution accredited can call them at 650-696-1060.

Western Association for Schools and Colleges

Bay Area Web Solutions Designed a Clean Information-Rich Burlingame Web Design with Fluid Functionality and Lightweight Pages

Being an accrediting institution for schools around the world, ACSWASC could not have compromised on the quality of its own website – more like practice what you preach. Their website had to be available at all times with smooth page transitions and functionality to give a pleasing user experience. A lot of information had to be made available to visitors to explain the accreditation process and the gains of accreditation with ACSWASC.

Since ACSWASC conducts many of its own events for school owners for creating an environment of a community, it had to make its calendar of events available on the website too. Bay Area Web Solutions seamlessly integrated a calendar of events on the website that’s easy to use for website visitors and pleasing to the eyes with zero clutter.

To ensure the website was always up and running we provided the best of our WordPress hosting solutions. Just like we are with every customer, we were highly cooperative with our clients from the very start to make sure they received the best website hosting services at an affordable cost. We also made sure that the process was not overwhelming for them so we explained everything right along and kept them involved with us throughout the process.

The improvement and editing process is ongoing for this website, so we took care of their WordPress maintenance as well. One of the biggest challenges in this project was to make the menu simple and useful despite the fact that an ocean of information had to go on the website with dozens of tabs and menu entries. With our efforts and brainstorming, we were able to keep the menu user-friendly while accommodating all the information categories on it.

Here is a list of services delivered to ACSWASC:

  • WordPress website design
  • Providing convenient document upload features
  • Delivered professional and friendly hosting

The biggest challenges with the website were to pull of the mega menu without making it look non-professional and creating web designs for an accrediting body that operates worldwide.

“Jason and his team at Bay Area Web Solutions helped create a new website for our bay area company. He was very patient and knowledgeable and we ended up with an wonderful new WordPress website that we can update ourselves — exactly what we wanted. Our website is very complicated with a ton of information on over 80 pages and the new website is great: professional, easy to use, and visually pleasing. Thank you!” – Cynthia Newton

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