Diversifying the Marketing Mix using SEO, SMM and PPC

Marketing Diversificaton

Marketing DiversificatonThe recent change in marketing strategies and the way in which companies now communicate with their customers, it’s no surprise that the marketing mix itself has changed quite drastically. The introduction of marketing methods such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) has led marketers towards the very valid question of their place in the traditional marketing mix.

When you consider internet marketing and the many methods that are used when it comes to integrated marketing, the three major players that come into mind are Pay per Click, Search Engine Optimization and social media. Some would argue and consider social media to be the largest player when it comes to online marketing. Although social media marketing is massively popular and relatively more effective when it comes to online marketing, PPC and SEO also have a major part to play considering the role of search engines.


Pay-per-click advertisements are associated with events, promotions and direct response. PPC ads show up when users are looking for similar products based on the users preferences. These ads are not forced onto the user but rather placed strategically to capture the interest of the user without hindering their browsing experience. Each marketer should have an effective PPC campaign which leads to a set of quality content landing pages. PPC advertising seems to be most effective when you consider geographically specific searches rather than global ones. Make sure that the landing page linked with the PPC advertisement has sufficient and relevant content that will lead potential customers smoothly towards conversion.Marketing with Google Pay Per Click
Advertising trends show that ad spending increased by 15% in 2013.About 62% of this increase was attributed to an increase in click through rates and a 21% increase in the number of clicks annually.

The reason behind the effectiveness of PPC as a marketing tool is that not only is it fast, it reaches a very specific defined audience with a higher likelihood of making purchases. PPC is also a more preferred marketing tool due to its effective cost management. PPC campaigns can be run according to the times and budget as defined by the marketer.


SEO is perhaps the factor that most marketers use in order to boost sales and increase search engine rankings. It was seen as the most affordable option which allowed marketers to generate awareness, boost sales and increase web traffic. SEO leads have been considered as the most likely factors that lead to conversion. The main motive of SEO is to make sure that other online marketing efforts are search friendly and reach the consumer, encouraging them to click on links and make purchases. The reason behind the stress that marketers put on SEO is mostly due to its power when it comes to steering information towards the client and appealing to them in order to make purchases. It deals with the analysis of trends, statistics, keywords and competition. Tracking statistics throughout the lifetime of the campaign allows marketers to keep a close eye on its success and then make alterations according to their tastes.
Google Keyword Planner for Marketers

Social Media

It’s no shocker that social media plays a substantial role when it comes to online marketing. The potential of the reach of social media networks is what has made these sites a hunting ground for marketers. With all sorts of content being shared and liked o social media, marketers have discovered the importance of content and its quality. Social media changed the way in which marketers interact with their customers. As opposed to traditional marketing methods and even PPC and SEO, social media marketing allows for 2 way communication between marketers and customers. This has promoted content creation by customers themselves and even facilitates the provision of valuable feedback.
Using Social in SEO
Incorporating these three strategies into the marketing mix and using them effectively provides much more reach to the business and allows them to have a more focused method of targeting customers. Not only does it reach specific customers but also a larger number than was previously possible in a cost effective way.

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