Using Social Media to Boost SEO

Social and SEO

Initially Social Media marketing and Search Engine optimization were two different things. Businesses would normally hire two different experts to work on both factors. Today, the two worlds seem to have collided and the social media expert and the SEO expert have to work in collaboration in order to increase the SEO ranking of the business. In order to use social media to increase the SEO ranking of a company, it is necessary to integrate the two platforms. SEO is basically the optimization of content in order to make it appear higher in the organic search rankings of search engines, specifically Google. The content that may be optimized may either be present on a website, blog or a social media platform. The motives of businesses have now veered from wanting more website hits to an increase in retweets, reblogs, likes and shares.
Social and SEO
How do these experts use social media and SEO to boost their rankings? The answer lies with integration. There have been many successful businesses that have failed to rank higher in search engines simply because they neglected to integrate social media with SEO. This trend has seen an increase as awareness regarding SEO and social media integration increases.

This integration entails much more than content creation which will be a one-side projection towards consumers. It requires an enhancement of user interaction and compelling hem to create content for you.

Keyword Themes

In an article about SEO it’s no surprise that the first things we talk about are keywords. Instead of beginning optimization using a set of defined keywords, it’s best to start off with a particular theme which mirrors the main concepts of your content. The Google keyword tool is a great place to start when it comes to identification of keyword themes.Google Keyword Planner for Marketers

Targeted Keywords

Once a theme has been defined, a more detailed list of targeted keywords will have to be generated. These keywords should fall under the umbrella of the theme that was predefined in the previous step. Instead of focusing on random keywords based on their popularity or search density, make sure that you focus on their grouping.

Web and Social

Find the keywords that drive traffic towards your website and create content specific to the targeted keywords. Make sure that you don’t just use the same keywords to optimize social content. Since content and communication works differently on both platforms, it’s a good thing to do separate research for social media optimization. There are many free tools out there that enable you to derive keywords that are mostly found in comments, tweets and other social content.

Quality Content Creation

In order to improve the SEO ranking, businesses would once use best practices and focus primarily on the use of link building techniques. The emphasis now has shifted from link building towards the creation of quality content which can be used. The motive here is to create engaging content that will be targeted at influencers and compel them to interact and engage with the content and even contribute content of their own in the form of a comment, share or submission.


It is crucial to maintain a social media presence simply because of the nature of platform. Content creation is not only rapid but short-lived. As content is shared not only by businesses but also users themselves, it is prone to be buried under new updates and become stale in a matter of hours. This is why it is important to share optimized content daily. The shared content must be optimized for social media. The number of times that a business shares content depends completely upon the nature of the industry that you are currently working in. It is also important to understand the pitfalls of over-sharing and spamming. Find the perfect balance and stick to it.

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