If you are afraid of huge investments associated with website design, don’t be. Bay Area Web Solutions offers customized solutions to our small business customers that suit their budget. Break free from the ‘template mindset’ and give your business a creatively professional and unique look.

  • We create web design that meets your goals and is focused on your ROI
  • Combined with our local marketing, we get you started fast in the right direction
  • Our engaging design works to turn your visitors into clients
  • No business is too small, so call today for a free consultation

Client Examples: Small Business Web Design

Small Business Web Design 1

Small Business Web Design 2

Small Business Web Design 3

Inexpensive, Yet Effective

We understand your needs. You demand a simple, yet effective small business web design that gives a boost to your sales. We will create a website that resonates with your needs and employs strong conversion techniques to increase sales. We take time to understand your vision so that we can provide you with tailored design.

At Bay Area Web Solutions, efficiency and affordability go side by side. We have a range of plans for different kinds of businesses including start-ups and small businesses. You define your goals to us and we’ll bring the best out of it.

At Bay Area Web Solutions, small businesses are of the utmost importance.

SEM and Local Search

Our website design services are supplemented by our search engine marketing. We will optimize your website so that it gets maximum traffic. More traffic leads to more sales. Local search is an important online marketing tool for small businesses that allows you to get connected to local consumers and make maximum profits. Attracting targeted users to your website will increase sales, as they are more informed and ready to buy.

The End Result

Let us lend you a hand in achieving your goals. By having us on your side, you will get:

  • A highly customized website, best suited to your goals and needs
  • Affordable solution with a focus on ROI
  • A host of search engine marketing techniques to increase your visibility
  • Local Search optimization to attract local audience to your website

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