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Avoiding Affiliate Coupon Scams: My Experience with ShareASale

While working through a client’s Search Engine Marketing program, we decided to take a chance and go the affiliate route in order to get more leads and hopefully more sales. I suggested the affiliate network ShareASale (www.shareasale.com); they are common name in the Internet Marketing arena, I thought it would be the best bet for the best entry cost. This is when I found the affiliate coupon scam.

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Website Released: Career Help

Career Help is an article based website. Its mission is to be a “global online information resource for people seeking guidance to improve their careers and their jobs.” Each of us knows someone facing tough challenges in trying economic times. From career advice for specific industries to topic suggestion, Career Help wants to be a primary resource for people who are serious about their work and careers.

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Google Algorithm Changes: Punishes the Cheaters and Helps White Hats

Several clients have asked how recent Google algorithm changes would alter their traffic. The bottom line is that Google has rewarded those that have focused on quality original content by punishing those that have chosen the easy path: “scraper and content farm” sites.

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Windows Phone 7 vs Blackberry 6: A Social Showdown

I recently switched phones, from a Blackberry 9800 Torch (running Blackberry 6 OS) to a LG Quantum (running WP7). I changed for the duel Exchange access, the native Outlook mobile allowing me to flag (or create a task) on the phone and for more processing power.

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Pay Down Your Small Business Taxes and Upgrade Your Expertise

It’s the end of the year, what is on your freelancers’ Christmas list? Upgraded computer? New smart phone? Visiting the best design conference? How about paying down your taxes… HO HO HO. I know what you are thinking; “this is Christmas season, why are you talking about Taxes”?

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Lessons Learned at PubCon 2010

Know why you are there: You are there to learn, right? Or is it to network? Or is it to get work done? Or is it to party? Either way you go; be honest with yourself and you will complete your goals. This way you are not wasting time at a networking social or a seminar that you really don’t want to be at.

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AdWord Extensions, a Big Help to Your PPC Campaigns

AdWord extensions are powerful additions that can be attached to a standard pay per click advertisement with Google. These additions allow you to include extra lines in the ad which may include contact information, links to more pages on your site, or images of products.

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How Google Instant Will Affect SEO, Pt. 2: Example “Web Design San Jose”

Some industries will be more likely to be affected than others, based on the customer base and the keywords themselves. First off, an industry that targets technology savvy customers is more likely to be affected than an industry that targets people who don’t use computers very much. This is because technology savvy customers can type while looking at the screen, allowing them to take advantage of the feature where others will not.

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Castro Coffee

Local Ecommerce Selling Great Coffee Castro Coffee is a San …

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Bay Area Pelvic Surgery

The design challenge was to present BA Pelvic Surgery with a modern design while talking about a delicate subject topic. The design was made with the modern woman in mind, through colors, images and content; the website reaches out to help women “return to comfort”. Dr. Margolis has a ton of experience which we leveraged by integrating his information through out the website.

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