Any business owner who is looking to solidify a web presence for their company would be well served to hire a reputable, professional company to handle their web design services. With literally thousands of new websites finding their way to the web on a daily basis, a truly professional company will employ the resources necessary in order to separate itself from the pack.

Bay Area Web Solutions offers a comprehensive web design services that you need in order to succeed.


Web Design

You need an attractive website that is optimized for all of the major operating systems in order to fully take advantage of the resources of the Internet. We will offer you a unique and attention grabbing website that will also stand the best chance of being indexed well with the major search engines. Read More


Customers who shop online want to quickly locate the product, learn more about it, add it to a cart, and check out quickly. They don’t want to stay on a clunky site that is difficult to navigate.

Our ecommerce web design service can develop the best online shopping experience. We incorporate design methods to best increase sales and improve the shopping experience. We will create an effective ecommerce site using the latest technologies, design methods, and site features to drive sales. Read More

Small Business web design

A small business requires a special kind of localized content in order to draw in the local traffic. With all of the trends of the Internet pointing toward niche marketing and serving small communities of people with specialized service, you need a web design company that can follow these trends. Read More

WordPress Design and Consulting

WordPress gives you the opportunity to create websites which can easily manage content and your blog. We offer the best in WordPress design and consultation so that you can take full advantage of the plug and play effectiveness of the best shared design hub on the Internet.

Search engine Marketing

Search engine marketing entails all of the optimization and the ad placement that will give your site the best chance to be seen by your target market. We provide you with SEM services that will maximize your return on investment. We also offer a real time analysis to improve your SEM campaign so that your company will always find itself more effectively represented. Read More

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization occur onsite and offsite. The right combinations of methods create the perfect opportunity for a business to gain visibility in the search engines. If done incorrectly, it could result in major penalties and damage a brand’s reputation.

All of our search engine optimization strategies are developed with integrity. We monitor the website’s performance once optimized. We also develop monthly reporting to identify any areas for improvement. Read More

Local Search

The trend towards localization dictates that any small business must first serve its local community. We will make sure that you show up in all local search results and that you claim all of the privileges that you are due as a reputable business in your local area (e.g. including your Google Places listing). Local search also involves a great deal of work with the other two major search engines, Bing and Yahoo. Read More

Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click management is one of the most difficult things to learn and master. Pay per click campaigns can be costly if not developed by an expert.

We develop, maintain, and design campaigns for our clients. We develop and maintain pay per click campaigns that will deliver the appropriate, targeted traffic to the website while maximizing the return on investment. Read More

Content Writing

Content marketing is fast becoming the most effective way to solidify an audience online. With the major search engines and social media hubs becoming more strict gatekeepers, the answer for a company looking to expand business online is to draw customers in through inbound content writing techniques. We have the ability to tweak your content and entice your customers to listen to you as the expert in the industry rather than your competitors. Read More

WordPress Maintenance

Your WordPress site will need maintenance, and we are just the company to provide it. When your traffic increases, you will hardly have time to update your sites, much less check back on the errors of previous days. Let us take that hassle off of your hands. Read More