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Basic WordPress Maintenance & Security: Do the small things or face a large headache

While most of these users know what to do in order to keep their installation updated and secure, the more WordPress sites I work with, I see out of date core and plugins, just waiting to get hacked. The sheer popularity of this software, combined with the massive amount of information that it can control and process, absolutely requires attentive care and maintenance to ensure that a malicious community of hackers and malware programs can’t gain access to the WordPress Dashboard and wreak havoc on a website’s operation and information.

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compton large layout

Completed Website: Compton Anti-Trust Law

Compton Anti-Trust Law offers experience and expertise in the field of corporate compliance and competition. Chris Compton is dedicated to providing his clients with clear solutions to the intricate problems arising from complex corporate issues with the expediency that their clients demand. Poised right in the center of Silicon Valley in beautiful Menlo Park, California, they are located strategically in the center of the fast paced world of technology and intelligence.

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Completed Website: Shimmering Resumes

Shimmering Resumes’ website requires many categories to showcase the extensive number of articles and its sample resumes, presented in a before and after format. After careful consideration, we put together a website with a Volusion e-commerce capability as well as design that captures, is easy to navigate and appealing and professional. The setup allows for a steady flow of additional articles and has already led to impressive SEO.

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SEO Warning – Have Too Many Ads? Get Downgraded by Google

Webmasters rely on advertising to bring in income and pay the bills. This is a known fact of life in the online world and it is generally accepted among website visitors as well (most website if visit on a daily basis are ad supported). While advertising is common, Google has recently made changes to its algorithm that could negatively impact website rankings with too much advertising on their sites.

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dalluso design

Completed Website: Da Lusso Design

Da Lusso Design is a home staging and interior design company in Mountain View, California. The company’s home staging service provides home furnishing and decoration to homeowners who wish to stage their house before putting it on the market for sale. Da Lusso’s home staging helps capture the character of a property and make it more attractive to targeted potential buyers. Additionally, the company’s interior design service aims at tailoring designs to the personality and preferences of occupying homeowners to enhance their home living experience.

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A Web Designer’s New Year’s Resolution

This is the time of the year when I take the time to consider the past year and what I would like to work on in the new year. When it comes to Web Design and Internet marketing there are a few resolutions which I hope to keep

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Dalusso Holiday Logo

The Holiday Logo: Shows Your Festive, Fun & Alive

t’s that time of the year. When you look at your business and start reevaluating what to do in the New Year. When you wonder what last minute purchase should be done before December 31st so you can write them off this year. Before you get ahead of yourself there is one easy element you can add to your site for an easy win: The Holiday Logo.

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How To Use Yelp Without Paying For It

Yelp is a platform for business reviews that acts as a community driven, virtual consumer advocate, powered by the voices of all types of consumers. While it has its ups and downs, the best being the confidence reads put in the reviews and the worse being the filtering of legitimate reviews, Yelp is a weapon to be used by your business, if you know how to use it correctly.

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Is Yelp Worth it?

Yelp is probably the top peer review website around. You can find practically any service anywhere and read peoples experiences using them. Yelp offers an advertising service that will basically enhance your Yelp presence without altering reviews for you.

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Should I pay for a new website or just make changes to my current website?

This is a question that I hear on the phone all the time. It goes like this, “Bay Area Web Solutions”, caller responds, “Hello, I am looking for changes to my website… well actually I am not sure if I should pay for a new website or just make changes to my current web site?.”

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