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When we opened our Jiu Jitsu academy in San Jose, I knew we needed to have a solid website design and local marketing... Bay Area Web Solutions did a great job. Jason designed a great web site and helped us understand the ins and outs of marketing on Google. He knew what we wanted, listened to our input and made what we needed. We continue to use Bay Area Web Solutions for WordPress Hosting and Maintenance and highly recommend them.
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Rob Miyashiro

Welcome to the digital showcase of our latest triumph: the Saiko Martial Arts website redesign. At Saiko Fitness And Martial Arts, located in the vibrant city of San Jose, California, they are committed to creating the ultimate training ground for individuals of all fitness levels and skillsets. Their diverse range of classes is designed to empower every individual, regardless of age, gender, athletic ability, or initial skill level.

Client’s Mission: Saiko Martial Arts is more than just a fitness center; it’s a community dedicated to personal growth and empowerment. With a mission to provide the perfect training environment, Saiko Martial Arts welcomes individuals from all walks of life, fostering a culture of inclusivity and support.

San Jose Martial arts website

Our Contribution: Our team crafted a website that mirrors the spirit of Saiko Martial Arts—dynamic, engaging, and user-friendly. The San Jose Web Design reflects the energy of their classes and the welcoming atmosphere of their facility. We prioritized intuitive navigation to ensure visitors can easily explore the variety of classes and services offered.


Photography: Capturing the essence of Saiko Martial Arts required more than just images; it demanded storytelling through visuals. Our photography team meticulously curated a collection that highlights the passion, dedication, and camaraderie found within the Saiko community. From action shots in classes to the serene moments in their facility, each photograph encapsulates the journey of personal transformation.

Google Business Profile Optimization: We understand the importance of a strong online presence beyond the website, and optimizing the Google Business Profile was a key component. By fine-tuning the profile with relevant information, high-quality images, and positive reviews, we ensured that Saiko Martial Arts not only stood out in local search results but also presented an accurate and appealing snapshot of their offerings to potential clients.

Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance: Recognizing the critical role that website performance plays in user satisfaction, we implemented managed Managed WordPress hosting for Saiko Martial Arts. This not only optimized website speed and reliability but also provided a secure and scalable hosting solution. Our ongoing maintenance services ensure that the website continues to operate smoothly, with regular updates, backups, and security measures in place, allowing the Saiko team to focus on their core mission without worrying about technical intricacies.

Outcome: The holistic approach we adopted for Saiko Martial Arts has resulted in a harmonious digital presence. From a visually captivating website to optimized Google Business Profile and seamless hosting, every element is geared towards maximizing online visibility, user engagement, and operational efficiency.

At Bay Area Web Solutions, our commitment extends beyond aesthetics; we strive to create digital solutions that empower our clients in every aspect of their online journey. If you’re ready to explore how we can elevate your web presence, get in touch with us today. Your success is our priority.



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