Yelp review badges, where did they go?

Where to find Yelp Review Badge

You see them all over the place, except in your interface, so where did the Yelp review badges go?

First, what are review badges? They are the dynamic widgets that show how many reviews you have on Yelp. They look like this:

I looked forever and did not find them in the admin section. Maybe they are getting phased out or something, but here is how I recently found them.

  1. Log into
  2. Your url will look something like this:
  3. Change “home” to “bling”, so the url should look like

Please note, the xxxxxx is the unique identifier Yelp gives you biz account, and it looks like there are different looks for different logins, not all badges are the same.

And that is it, you have found the Yelp review badge treasure.

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