SEO Warning – Have Too Many Ads? Get Downgraded by Google

Webmasters rely on advertising to bring in income and pay the bills. This is a known fact of life in the online world and it is generally accepted among website visitors as well (most website if visit on a daily basis are ad supported). While advertising is common, Google has recently made changes to its algorithm that could negatively impact website rankings with too much advertising on their sites.

How To Use Yelp Without Paying For It

Yelp is a platform for business reviews that acts as a community driven, virtual consumer advocate, powered by the voices of all types of consumers. While it has its ups and downs, the best being the confidence reads put in the reviews and the worse being the filtering of legitimate reviews, Yelp is a weapon to be used by your business, if you know how to use it correctly.

Is Yelp Worth it?

Yelp is probably the top peer review website around. You can find practically any service anywhere and read peoples experiences using them. Yelp offers an advertising service that will basically enhance your Yelp presence without altering reviews for you.

Avoiding Affiliate Coupon Scams: My Experience with ShareASale

While working through a client’s Search Engine Marketing program, we decided to take a chance and go the affiliate route in order to get more leads and hopefully more sales. I suggested the affiliate network ShareASale (; they are common name in the Internet Marketing arena, I thought it would be the best bet for the best entry cost. This is when I found the affiliate coupon scam.

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