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“People Love You” -Yelp

Seriously, thanks to all the clients that took the time to leave a review… on Yelp, Google or any other location. 2016 was a great year and we are looking forward to your success in the 2017. -Jason


Completed Website: Bullseye Plumbing

If you are looking for the best plumbing services in San Mateo, there is no better option than to hire Bullseye Plumbing. With years of experience in the field of commercial and residential plumbing, the company offers you efficient and prompt services, combined with exceptional pricing that ensure you receive the BEST value.

Stoney & Jan Site Design

Completed Website: Stoney and Jan Photos

Sharing photographic masterpieces with the world requires a website that can stun viewers without compromising web presence. This is exactly what Bay Area Web Solutions did for the website for award winning nature photographers, Stoney and Jan Edwards who wished to share and sell their intimate views of planet Earth with the masses.

Completed website: House of Values

Completed Website: House of Values

BA Web Solutions had a delightful time working on this website. We created a contemporary design that reinforces the quality of what House of Value’s sells as any internet marketer will insist upon. We focused on local search engine marketing as well as some practical search engine optimization to boost the House of Value’s page rank.

compton large layout

Completed Website: Compton Anti-Trust Law

Compton Anti-Trust Law offers experience and expertise in the field of corporate compliance and competition. Chris Compton is dedicated to providing his clients with clear solutions to the intricate problems arising from complex corporate issues with the expediency that their clients demand. Poised right in the center of Silicon Valley in beautiful Menlo Park, California, they are located strategically in the center of the fast paced world of technology and intelligence.

Completed Website: Shimmering Resumes

Shimmering Resumes’ website requires many categories to showcase the extensive number of articles and its sample resumes, presented in a before and after format. After careful consideration, we put together a website with a Volusion e-commerce capability as well as design that captures, is easy to navigate and appealing and professional. The setup allows for a steady flow of additional articles and has already led to impressive SEO.

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