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Stoney & Jan Site Design

Sharing photographic masterpieces with the world requires a website that can stun viewers without compromising web presence. This is exactly what Bay Area Web Solutions did for the website for award winning nature photographers, Stoney and Jan Edwards who wished to share and sell their intimate views of planet Earth with the masses. The duo are enthusiastic photographers based in the Bay Area who utilize the best in photography equipment for their craft and regularly display their prints in various locations in the Bay Area. Some of the locations they have been to include Australia, New Zealand, the Antarctic, the Arctic, Hawaii, North and South America among others. What makes their work truly special are Nikon D810 cameras that allow them to capture their subjects in stunning detail which look dramatic in print. The website comprises of more than 1000 high definition photos that can be purchased by visitors. In order to make the website an effective eCommerce portal, it needed to be easy to navigate and remain credible at the same time.


Creating a Cupertino Web Design that could make an indelible impression on visitors and compel them to make purchases required a personal, yet user friendly approach. In order to make the site and the large volume of photographs easier to navigate, we installed a custom navigation search option that included all of the locations the photographers had been to, along with the pictures they took in each.

The main challenge was to show all of the massive number of images at one time which was solved by the aforementioned navigation option along with the search bar that is based right in the middle of the home page. The website is also responsive which means that it can be viewed and accessed through mobile devices without excessive scrolling.

At Bay Area Web Solutions, our goal is to provide web solutions that not only attract attention, but which have an indelible influence on the future of your web presence. We are dedicated to help businesses and individuals bring their brand into the public eye by increasing their web influence and surmounting challenges along the way.

Services Completed

  • Responsive Web Design
  • WordPress Customization
  • Navigation solutions
  • Ecommerce web development

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