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Way to Go Summer Camps

Way To Go is a non-profit organization that aims to give children a completely unique and memorable experience of their summers. The organization helps kids participate in a variety of summer camps and programs. Way To Go tailors those programs according to the needs and requirements of the kids. No matter the difference in tastes and likes, there is a program for every kid to be a part of and have fun.

The organization has been helping kids have the time of their lives for 16 years now. They have also adapted to the changing needs of the modern times by focusing their programs equally on health and entertainment. Way To Go pays great attention to the health of kids and promotes lifestyles that keep them away from obesity. They are located in Los Altos, Mountain View and their phone number is 408-829-2460.

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Here’s How Bay Area Web Solutions Created an SEO-optimized WordPress Website for Them

A website that belongs to a non-profit organization must be expressive enough to show the noble cause that the organization serves. At the same time, it has to look inviting so others feel attraction towards the cause. The big challenge with Way To Go website was creating it in such a way that it would communicate the message and aim of the organization while appearing bright since it caters to the needs of the children.

One of their main goals with the website was to make their various programs stand out and be visible on the front. We achieved this by giving the website a plain white background and stacking the programs like colored cards to make them prominent and conspicuous. We also made sure that kids appear in the thumbnail of every program.

We have used pictures of smiling kids strategically on the website so it appears happy and pleasing to the eyes, and of course kid friendly. We have kept the factor of “exciting” alive in menu animations as they appear when you hover the mouse over a tab. Another amazing dimension we have added to the website is right in the middle of the web page with a spectacular animation. It is in the form of stacked photos that change with an animation when you click on them.

These minor details and elements not only create an eye-catching website and a memorable experience for visitors but gives Way To Go organization a unique kid-loving identity as well. With the summer slideshow, we have aimed to create a very positive and pleasing image of the organization in the minds of the website visitors. At the bottom of the page, we have provided a map for any parents to easily locate Way To Go.

Services Completed

  • WordPress website
  • SEO optimized content, Local SEO
  • Eye-catching listing of programs on the home page
  • Homepage slideshows for branding purposes
  • Clean and simple design with innovative animations


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