Top 5 Elements for Google Adwords Success

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Many marketers and entrepreneurs have heard about Google Ads, but they don’t know how to make it work for them. The fact is that Google Ads are great for all types of businesses, displaying their ads and promoting their products online.

Previously known as Google AdWords, this successful pay-per-click advertising system can be a great addition to your marketing strategy. But it does require time and money to be successful. The good news is that thousands of businesses out there find this to be a worthwhile investment.

Data shows that advertisers make $8 for every $1 spent on Google Ads.

However, it is crucial to understand that AdWords can enhance your brand’s recognition and generate more ROI only if executed and managed correctly. Here’s a quick primer on the five elements necessary for creating a successful Google AdWords campaign.

Careful Keyword Selection

Devising a list of industry-relevant keywords is often the first step to reeling in potential customers through search results. Many people make a common mistake with AdWords by focusing solely on positive keywords that generate traffic.

Try out new keywords and key phrases to see which ones best match the search intent of your target audience.

It’s also important to research negative keywords that you don’t want associated with your brand or products. This helps boost the quality of your traffic and ultimately improves your click-through rate.

Nailing the keyword strategy is crucial, which is why you should constantly test and tweak it to perfection. Try out new keywords and key phrases to see which ones best match the search intent of your target audience.

An Enticing Call-to-Action (CTA)

What you say in your ad is just as vital as any other component of your Google AdWords campaign.

But please note that your ad copy is best when it is plain and simple. A compelling call-to-action (CTA) will magnetize your campaign and attract all the right people towards it. So you can use the remaining word count to tell your audience what you can do for them.

Google Ad Words

Including a good CTA in your ad copy is key to your campaign’s effectiveness, making it an important part of your PPC efforts. A well-written, impactful CTA nudges your leads in the right direction. Without it, your prospect may not necessarily be aware of the steps they should take to purchase your product or subscribe to your service.

Ad Landing Page Optimization

When people click on your PPC ad, they should be taken to a dedicated landing page that you’ve built for the particular AdWords campaign. Here you have the time (and website real estate) to encourage them to make buying decisions by presenting the landing pages as solutions to the customer’s problem.

You can optimize your landing page by adding and fine-tuning various elements on it, i.e., share value propositions and client testimonials as social proof.

Optimize the landing page for your ad for conversions. It should answer any question that your prospect has to offer a seamless transition towards purchase. Landing page optimization also maximizes the value of your overall ad expenditure by reducing customer acquisition costs.

You can optimize your landing page by adding and fine-tuning various elements on it, i.e., share value propositions and client testimonials as social proof. Your ad should articulate the value of what your products can mean to your prospects.

Efficient Data Tracking and Analysis

One of the most crucial aspects of running a successful Google Ads campaign is the consistent monitoring and analysis of ad performance.

No matter the size of your business, a thorough analysis can boost the performance of your Google Ads campaign. With data analytics, you can also track the effectiveness of each search phrase and see which one is most profitable.

PPC analytics

By linking your Google Ad to Google Analytics, you are completing your sales funnel. Individually, both tools have their strengths. But combined, you will be able to see what your prospects do after they click on your ads. You will have access to more detailed data in your Google Analytics reports. These reports contain meaningful insights that will allow you to make better decisions for any future ads you want to run.

The Right Campaign Type

Choosing the right campaign type is also key to running a successful Google Ad campaign. You must select it based on your brand strategy and marketing goals and, of course, how much time you’re able to invest in your campaign.

You can choose between search ads, display ads, and video ads depending on your business type and marketing targets.

Search Ads

Search ads help you reach audiences that are searching Google for any products or services you offer. You can show your ads to any prospects actively searching for your offerings. This will automatically drive traffic and generate sales for your website. Search ads are easy to set up as they require no additional assets. It reaches people actively searching for what you offer through specific targeting.

Display Ads

Display ads reach prospects through visual means and are a great way to expand the reach of your search campaigns to different parts of the web. You can make use of engaging visuals to drive sales and increase signups on your website. Engaging ads are more impactful and memorable; therefore, they are more likely to be aware of your brand and consider buying your product or service.

Video ads

Video ads are relatively self-explanatory. With a video ad, you can show your ads on platforms like YouTube. This kind of campaign is especially effective in boosting sales by creating awareness for your brand. While other ad types only drive conversions to your website. With Video ads, you can expand your reach beyond search results to approach people on YouTube and other websites.

In Conclusion

Google Ads have plenty of reach and authority. However, you’ll need the appropriate combination of marketing and analytics tools to put together a Google Ads campaign that efficiently attracts leads and drives traffic to your website.

It might be a good idea to hire a dedicated resource for PPC advertising via Google Ads.

Just make sure to get professional help in this regard. Otherwise, your might get left with awful impressions, abysmal cost per acquisition, next-to-no conversions, and an ad that eats up the budget without getting you results.

Why not give us a call?

Here at Bay Area Web Solutions, we provide proper optimization and management of your PPC accounts, so you make a good impression, get plenty of clicks and enhance brand awareness. Get in touch with us to book an appointment.

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