Completed Website: R&W Concrete Contractors Inc

r&w concrete

R&W Concrete is one of the most reliable and the biggest names when it comes to concrete works in Bay Area. These skillful leaders and workers have been around and proudly serving the region for nearly 40 years now. With engineering and building licenses, they are able to complete a variety of projects, small and big.

Dams, bridges, airport pavements, water treatment plants, etc. they have constructed them all. They also provide maintenance work related to concrete structures, from grading to crack injection. If you are looking for a reliable name in the concrete work industry, you can contact R&W Concrete Contractors Inc at 650-832-1067. They are located at 1015 Terminal Way, San Carlos CA, 94070.

San Carlos Company

Bay Area Web Solutions Gave Them Just the Type of Website They Asked for and Needed

Bay Area Web Solutions had to provide R&W Concrete Contractors Inc with a Millbrae Web Design, with a simple yet appealing user interface and intuitive functionality. Everything on the website had to be to-the-point because they are a big company with a huge client base.

While their portfolio is quite impressive per se, Bay Area Web Solutions had to find a way to present it in a more appealing format that using the same conventional method of dedicating a page to company’s portfolio. We found the solution by adding a slide show right on top of the home page of the website.

The slideshow contains pictures of some of their biggest projects that they have completed successfully. It sends a very strong image of the company and its work as the slides come and move away in short seconds. We kept the header and the footer of the website in dark colors while keeping the body as a white page with black font on it – this reflects a more professional and direct impression.

We also wanted to ensure their website did not fall prey to inferior web hosting services. While small retail websites lose hundreds of dollars worth of customers with a few seconds of down time, a website like this could lose a project worth millions of dollars.

This is how we serviced this valued customer:

  • We created a simple yet impactful website with the focus on user-friendly user interface all over.
  • We provided proper maintenance of all website aspects and elements so it is always up and running.
  • We gave them a reliable web hosting solution so their website was just as good as the best of their competitors’.
  • We kept the website design as light as possible to promote fast web page loading times.

We recently worked with Jason on completely re doing our website. The experience was great from the very beginning until the end. Jason did exactly what he contracted to do, for the exact amount of money he said, which was well worth it and reasonable. Jason was very professional, patient and listened to everything we wanted to do. He followed up on things and stay in communication through the entire process. Our website came out great and we are very happy with it. I would highly recommend Jason and his company to anyone.

We won’t say it was the most difficult website that we have done in our experience, but the real challenge with simple websites is that you have a very few elements to play with to make the website look attractive and appealing. Using those simple website design elements, we have definitely created a website that does justice to this proud Bay Area concrete work business.

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