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Grass Manufacturing Company from Redwood City, California, is a metal stamping company serving various industries such as solar, Aerospace and high Vacuum. When you need tooling built with a custom design and custom specifications, they can do it the best since they build everything on their own premises while taking care of the highest quality and industry standards. They build tools no matter how simple or difficult they are to make.

Grass Manufacturing Company is a proud American company making their tools, dies and metal coining in America. They can work with aluminum, copper, stainless steel, tantalum, molybdenum, copper alloys, nickel etc. If you have been looking for the highest quality metal stamping done proudly in America, they are located at 2850 Bay Road Redwood City, CA. You can contact them at 650-366-2556.

grass mfg

How Bay Area Web Solutions Created the Perfect Redwood City Web Design for Them and Helped Them with Their Internet Marketing Goals

For a company that works with metal, they needed a website that looked decent and professional. While maintaining these elements, they also wanted their website to make information available to the website visitors with ease. This is a company that has been around since 1953 – fully established and having huge industries as its loyal customers for decades. They wanted to build a respectable reputation with their website visitors as soon as they landed on the website. This is where Bay Area Web Solutions shines. We like to accept challenges and test our skills.

We used a video loop that not only perfectly aligns with what they do but subtly creates an image in the mind of the visitor about the brand and its integrity. This did not let us deviate from the requirements of our client. They wanted their website to look clean as the clean website designs look more appealing. We kept the overall feel of the website clean with big tabs, big typeface, a lot of white background, and a series of quick links at the bottom of the page. Right alongside the quick links in the footer, we put a description of the company to instantly make tell the website visitors that they are on the right website for their metal stamping needs.

Using large text size on the home page and maintaining a perfect proportion of text-only content, we made sure the website text was fully optimized for the most relevant and potential keywords for their industry. Phone number, location information and email address of the business are persistently and consistently present at the top helping Grass Manufacturing Company with their local SEO needs.

As we look at the completed work and how easy to navigate and true to imagination their website is, we feel that we did a pretty good job.

“The owner is very knowledgeable about all things web. Earlier today we had a nice long conversation about the importance of Google Places and Local SEO. Thanks Jason for your insight and expertise.”
– Eric Grass

Services Completed

  • HTML Website
  • Responsive website design
  • Mobile friendly features
  • Videography
  • Search engine optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Clean and easy to navigate web design

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