Explaining Local SEO: What It Is and How to Get Started

Local SEO blog post

So, how critical do you think local search engine optimization really is? Did you know that each second, 40,000 or more people search for a variety of things online? While a good majority shop for products and services, others look for popular places to eat or drink with their buddies or co-workers. And did you also know that half the people that search for products/services via smartphone end up becoming the customers of the businesses they discovered online? Continue reading

Can’t make changes to Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting? Neither could I.

I have been with many hosting companies over the past 11 years.  From BlueHost to Skippy Kidd (Pressable), to WPengine and Godaddy.  One thing I don’t compromise on when it comes to WordPress, is Managed Hosting… it is a must for me and my clients.  For smaller website and businesses I use Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting, it has be pretty good with a few hiccups here and there… but for the cost it is a good choice, except on big problem: I could not make changes to the WordPress sites in certain locations. Continue reading

Completed Website: Stoney and Jan Photos

Sharing photographic masterpieces with the world requires a website that can stun viewers without compromising web presence. This is exactly what Bay Area Web Solutions did for the website for award winning nature photographers, Stoney and Jan Edwards who wished to share and sell their intimate views of planet Earth with the masses. Continue reading

Yelp Calls Foul, How to Protect And Improve Your Yelp Rating

Yelp has been ramping up their efforts in combating fake and paid reviews in order to provide their users with the most accurate information and reviews possible. When it comes to figuring out which reviews are legitimate and which have been paid for, there is a lot of grey area. This opens the door to real reviews being mistaken for fake reviews and being taken down. Yelp is aware that this has been a problem for them and they have been taking steps to keep paid reviews to a minimum. Continue reading

Using Social Media to Boost SEO

Social and SEO

Initially Social Media marketing and Search Engine optimization were two different things. Businesses would normally hire two different experts to work on both factors. Today, the two worlds seem to have collided and the social media expert and the SEO expert have to work in collaboration in order to increase the SEO ranking of the business. In order to use social media to increase the SEO ranking of a company, it is necessary to integrate the two platforms. SEO is basically the optimization of content in order to make it appear higher in the organic search rankings of search engines, specifically Google. The content that may be optimized may either be present on a website, blog or a social media platform. The motives of businesses have now veered from wanting more website hits to an increase in retweets, reblogs, likes and shares. Continue reading